TJK Chauk Paint – Upcycle Furniture with Decorative Chalk Paint Finish

TJK Chauk Paint is used to refurbish many of the fabulous furniture items sold at Rustic Cottage. Moreover Rustic Cottage a retail store in Lynden offers DIY classes. Therefore you can learn how to use TJK Chauk Paint too! Unlike other types of decorative paint, TJK is locally made in Washington state and is owned by a former us veteran and his wife. And as an authorized vendor, Rustic Cottage is able to sell custom colors! These custom colors include stunning white, 2 shades of off white, coral, many shades of blues and greens, and 2 shades of yellows. In addition to a couple shades of pinks and reds, chocolate brown, tan, light and dark purple, and 3 shades of gray. Set the pace of your home decor by upcycling your furniture with a stunning chalk paint finish!

TJK Chauk Paint

TJK Chauk Paint contains a fine granulated powder with a latex base. Due to the unique contents, TJK Chauk Paint has an ability to compliment brush strokes, that would otherwise be seen as an imperfection, while producing a gorgeous matte finished product. Furthermore, sanding the paint gives character to refurbished vintage pieces. Below is one of the many furnitures that have been beautifully transformed by Rustic Cottage with TJK Chauk Paint.

As with any project, it’s good to practice with an extra piece of wood – especially before refurbishing your family heirloom. Although Rustic Cottage offers classes where you can receive professional guidance! Below are some of the techniques discussed in our classes!

How to Apply TJK Chauk Paint

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Learn How to Distress Furniture with a Chalk Paint Finish

chalk paint furniture dresser

How to Color Contrast

How to color contrast with chalk Paint

Learn how to achieve the layered multicolor look

How to use TJK Chauk Paint for a layered multicolor look

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TJK Chauk Paint – Upcycle Furniture with Decorative Chalk Paint Finish was provided by Rustic Cottage. Rustic Cottage Home and Garden Decor is a retail store in Lynden, WA. Likewise, Rustic Cottage refurbishes  vintage furniture to create uniquely aged home decor. Moreover, Rustic Cottage offers interior home decor as well as garden decor. 

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One of the most popular services at Rustic Cottage in Lynden, WA is the custom vintage furniture. Rustic Cottage Home and Garden Decor has a high turnover rate for it’s unique treasures. Therefore, you can always find one-of-a-kind vintage furniture which has been refurbished by yours truly. Additionally, Rustic cottage will give your personal vintage furniture a custom makeover! In addition to pick up your vintage furniture and deliver it to your home!  

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chaulk-paint-dresser-custom-vintage-dresserRustic Cottage is located in downtown Lynden Washington, only 15 miles north of Bellingham, WA. At the Rustic Cottage Home & Garden you’ll find antique chairs, vintage dressers, artist-decorated items, painted furniture, including shabby chic and chalk paint style painted furniture. Enjoy the charming town, only a short walk from the Lynden shopping center, other antique shops, and boutiques. In addition to restaurants, cafes, and ice cream shops. Moreover, Lynden is only  minutes away from the beautiful Birch Bay beach.

Selection is changing constantly, and you’ll always find decor items to match your taste as well. You’ll be amazed at the variety of antiques, vintage furniture and decor. If you’re a Do it yourself kind of person, check out our DIY Classes!

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The Rustic Cottage Home & Garden is the only Lynden Shop that offers a one of a kind collection of stunning custom vintage furniture to enhance your home decor. Additionally, Rustic Cottage Home & Garden is the only store in Lynden, WA that will repurpose your own heirlooms including vintage chairs, vintage tables, dressers and more! Likewise, if you don’t have a truck to deliver your piece to Rustic Cottage Home & Garden, we will pick it up for you!

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Furthermore, don’t miss our full selection of shabby chic tabletop accessories, handmade products, and custom painted signs specially chosen by Rustic Cottage Home & Garden to bring classic shabby chic style to your home. The best part about Rustic Cottage Lynden Shop is we’re frequently stocking up for trade shows. Therefore we always have unique gifts, home decor and accessories in our retail store.

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Rustic Cottage Home and Garden is the only family owned Lynden shop to feature live animals. Including a parrot and a spider monkey! Yes- you read correct! Many people stop by “The Monkey Store” Lynden shop to say hi to Trixie, the 6 year old spider monkey. She was rescued by her owners and loves to spend time at The Rustic Cottage Home & Garden where she can people watch, jump around in her cage and interact with friendly faces!

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Lynden Shop Rustic Cottage Home and Garden you will love the feeling of finding something spectacular. And at a price you adore! It’s the feeling that drives everything I do. Moreover it’s why Lynden’s savvy shoppers of every style discover an ever changing selection of exciting home fashions. I have a passion for unique and beautiful finds in home fashions. Lastly, Rustic Cottage Home & Garden has style for every room, all under one roof located in the heart of downtown Lynden, WA!