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The holiday season is upon us, celebrate the http://lyndenrusticcottage.com year by reorganizing old decor.  I’ve tucked away our everyday decor and have filled our home with Christmas treasures. It won’t be long, however, before January is here and it’s time to pack up all the decorations. Likewise, bring back that every day old decor.  One of my favorite things to do when tucking the ornaments away is to find a http://lyndenrusticcottage.com location. Creating http://lyndenrusticcottage.com vignettes with my beloved old decor throughout my home keeps my rooms from feeling stagnant. It also helps me to enjoy my old decor by seeing them in their http://lyndenrusticcottage.com setting.  Not only do I get to enjoy my old decor again, but friends and family who come to visit also get to appreciate my http://lyndenrusticcottage.com old decor as well.

This is also a good time to reorganize furniture. I like moving furniture pieces from room to room. Even if I only make a change within a room it helps change high traffic patterns which prevents floors from becoming worn and tired looking.

Reorganizing Old Decor

Wall art should also be considered when reorganizing decor. Summer light is different from the darker winter light so lamps vs natural lighting affects the look of wall decor.  You should always keep a small container of spackling on hand to patch nail or screw holes and use touch up paint to keep walls fresh.

Once you’ve shifted and changed your decor, you may decide it’s time to replace a few worn or outdated and old decor. Rustic Cottage Home and Garden Decor are happy to help you with questions regarding http://lyndenrusticcottage.com decor ideas. Additionally, we can also paint your old pieces of furniture to introduce a http://lyndenrusticcottage.com color scheme or make personalized signs to add a touch of rustic farmhouse feel to your home. We believe in blending old pieces with http://lyndenrusticcottage.com pieces to create a home that celebrates your style.

Happy Holidays!

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